Careers at Güntner

Being part of Güntner means being part of our search for well-being and prosperity for future generations, and for the protection and preservation of our shared home.

be part of something big

At Güntner, we believe that big ideas start with the right people. And the right people can flourish in an environment where their ideas are encouraged to grow. If you’re looking for a dynamic career in a forward-thinking business, then look no further. 

your partner in progress

At Güntner, we offer our employees the best possible opportunity to achieve professional success and personal development. 

With diverse work that demands commitment and creativity, and a global view in a company that appreciates performance and offers long-term development potential, our focus is on you. We offer the chance to make important decisions in a diverse and encouraging working environment. 

We share in our colleagues’ goals and help them to make decisions that will progress their ambitions – taking on a combined responsibility for the greater good of everyone at our company. 


Always a solution ahead

We’re driven to meet the need for solutions that allow businesses to adapt and thrive in the face of oncoming challenges. United by our desire to find ways to progress as a society – being part of Güntner means being part of our search for well-being and prosperity for future generations, and for the protection and preservation of our shared home. 

Building on nearly a century of technological and engineering excellence, we specialise in the fields of heating, cooling and energy management to deliver impactful systems for our partners. 

As part of our team, you’ll have the confidence and ingenuity to identify next-generation challenges proactively and begin work to solve them now. Inspiring innovation and keeping us and our customers always a solution ahead. 


What Part Will You Play In Our Future?

Whether it’s taking a role on one of our innovation teams, developing new cooling solutions, finding new ways of working, driving efficiency, protecting the future of our planet through sustainability projects, there’s a wealth of opportunity to make a difference at Güntner. 

At Güntner, you can expect to work on your own responsibilities in an encouraging working environment, with fast decision-making channels due to flat hierarchy and open communication. 

We offer opportunities to work in other geographies, providing another level of freedom, while advanced training and leading-edge test facilities and laboratories give you all the tools you need to succeed.  

our people are our greatest asset

Our values reflect what we are, how we do things, and where we want to be. They make us the business we are to day and guide the business we will be in the future. 


We endeavour to know, meet and exceed the needs of our customers. 


We are aware of our impact in the world and strive to effect positive, long-lasting progress. 


We take action and create momentum. When faced with a challenge we meet it with agility and practical solutions. 


Our customers trust us to work with them – enabling their business goals and helping them make effective decisions. 

The Inside View

I’m inspired every day at Güntner, exchanging ideas with people all over the world in a truly international environment.



Service engineer

When you want to make any kind of impact on the world, you start from the inside. Güntner starts with its employees – taking care of them, helping them grow, listening to what they have to say.




diversity gives our teams at Güntner access to a variety of different perspectives, leading to innovative ideas and better business results.




I started my career at Güntner by doing an internship. Despite being a student at the time, I was involved in important projects that motivated me to do my best. Now it’s my turn to support people’s ideas and encourage them to explore them.



Product & Innovation Management

At Güntner, if you have an idea and burn for it, you’ll get the chance to pursue it. Güntner will support your ideas.



Product & Innovation Management

Working at Güntner is giving me space to develop, a sense of fulfillment and the freedom to act and to express myself. All these things make working here special for me.




We never say no to a challenge or change at Güntner. Instead we always answer with 'this is interesting, let’s talk about it'.




At Güntner, you get the opportunity to take an active responsibility at the company right from the start.




At GüntNer, you are continuously encouraged to explore new areas and ideas. This motivates me to challenge the existing and look for more efficient ways of working.



manufacturing & technology

The independence and autonomy to do my job inspires me. I'm aware I have responsibilities and I feel proud of it.





güntner academy

We want everyone on the team at Güntner to have the opportunity to continue to grow their skills and develop their knowledge. We’re proud of our unique training platform, The Güntner Academy. 

With many webinars, e-learnings tutorials and numerous on-demand trainings every year, the Güntner Academy offers its employees a diverse, globally accessible and customised training platform. 

The Güntner Academy gives employees the chance to develop on a professional and personal level. An internal pool of expert instructors and selected external partners help you to expand your skills and stay up to date.  

What Part Will You Play?

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