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300 - 2500 kW


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  • Condensating of gases
  • Machine Cooling
  • Power Distribution Processes
  • Process Cooling
  • Refrigerated Warehouse
ISO 9001


Evaporative Condenser


The Best Choice in Evaporative Cooling

The Güntner ECOSS stainless steel evaporative condenser product line is proof of our ecological commitment to environmental and industry concerns and enables us to offer a product that will exceed the expectations of the facility owners, operators, and installers.

  • Highest thermal performance
  • lower operating costs
  • lower maintenance costs
  • lower installation costs

Galvanized coatings for evaporative condensers have been used in industry since the 1950s. A lot has changed since the 1950s. More stringent environmental discharge concerns have led to the reduction or elimination of effective chemicals in both the galvanizing process and in water treatment programs. Facility owners need to consider water usage restrictions, source water quality, discharge permits, and which chemicals they are willing to allow at their prospective facility site prior to making any investment decision.

The ECOSS stainless steel evaporative condenser product line makes these decisions a lot easier.Stainless steel coils and casing do not leach zinc or lead into the water system, do not require costly and time consuming passivation treatments, and do not risk the occurrence of premature failure due to “white rust”. They do offer superior corrosion resistance to reduce water and chemical usage, a reduced propensity to scale on the smooth walled stainless steel, and a more forgiving material for long life even when faced with eventual water quality “upset conditions.”

The benefits of the ECOSS stainless steel condenser are leveraged using the Güntner control technology which addresses the environmental and economic impacts of strained water resources. This eco-friendly control technology minimizes water treatment requirements and allows for operation at higher cycles of concentration, with reduced blowdown and lower make-up water requirements.

Güntner expertise in heat transfer design and stainless steel construction allows us to provide these benefits in a cost effective manner which boosts the return on investment for all-stainless construction to unprecedented levels. The total cost of ownership is reduced through long equipment life, low operating costs, low maintenance costs, and sustainable thermal performance, making the ECOSS stainless steel evaporative condenser the new choice in evaporative cooling.

Lower operational cost

Premium materials and components provide a platform to reduce operating costs by reducing energy consumption, reducing water usage, and reducing water treatment costs.

Intelligent Control System

- Güntner Motor Management as standard with EC fans
- Selective fan shutdown
- Easy integration into customers System
- Record of all energy data
- Messages and warnings are shown on controller display

Energy Savings

- High-efficiency, direct drive fan Systems
- EC fan technology alternatives to further reduce power consumption

Water Savings

- Greater corrosion resistance permit higher cycles of concentration and reduce water usage
- Güntner Motor Management and Güntner Hydro Management for optimal water Management

Less Chemical Usage

- Stainless steel construction eliminates passivation treatment costs and delays associated   with galvanized steel
- Greater corrosion resistance can reduce water and chemical usage, permit higher cycles of concentration

Lower maintenance cost

Hinged fan nozzles, a service walkway located within the fan deck compartment, optimized perimeter access and a stepped basin design located on the side of the unit are just some of the features which make the Güntner ECOSS evaporative condenser a preference to service and/or maintain.

Direct Drive Fans

- Eliminate all routine maintenance
- NO belt adjustments or replacements
- NO belt sheaves to align or replace
- NO greasing of bearings or replacement of bearings
- NO replacement of drive shafts

Reliable Spray Water System

- Removable spray nozzles
- Large orificed nozzles prevent clogging
- Riser pipe from pump positioned to prevent breakage
- Stainless steel strainer
- Fully drainable basin

Self Passivation

- Stainless steel is self-passivating in normal service
- No need for start-up passivation
- No ongoing monitoring and periodic passivation

Easy Access

- Hinged fan panels for access to drift eliminators and spray nozzles
- Vertical alignment of inlet louvers for easy access to basin

Technical details

Longer product life has arrived

The occurence of corrosive damage to galvanized steel condensers has increased dramatically in recent decades. Chromates have been all but eliminated and zinc treatments are restricted in many locations today. White rust damage to evaporative condensers and more specifically galvanized steel condenser coils is almost 5 times more damaging than it was 15 years ago. Galvanized steel surfaces must be passivated at start-up and routine maintenance intervals, requiring valuable man hours and associated chemical costs. Improper or no passivation at start up can destroy a galvanized steel condenser within a year.Stainless steel coils and surfaces are self-passivating!

Technical details

304/316 Stainless Steel Construction
- ƒƒStainless steel coil
- Stainless steel frame and covers
- Fully welded stainless steel basin

Longer Product Life
- Self passivating stainless steel provides a significantly longer product life than galvanized steel
- Fans and drives are designed for evaporative service
- EC fan models have stainless steel shafts and bearings
- More likely to survive water quality upset conditions

Capacity Range
- 0.3 – 2.5 MW per unit
- Scalable frame design with dual and quad arrangements
- More than 45 unit variants available

Compact Design
- High power density through optimized water distribution over entire coil surface
- 50 % lower operating weight
- Reduced refrigerant charge
- Reduced expense for substructure

High efficiency fans
- AC or EC motor technology
- Low noise characteristics
- Multiple fan motors provide increased redundancy

Simplified Rigging
- Quick and easy assemble
- Dimensionally stable and rigid segments
- Reduced installation costs
- No heat treatment, no warping

Inlet Louvers
- Prevents water splash out
- Sight tight
- UV resistant
- Corrosion resistant

- ISO-9001 quality assurance
- Certification of the thermal capacity of cooling towers in acc. with CTI STD-201
- PED 2014/68/EU Certification and CE Marking

Plug-and-play GMM EC
- Integrated Motor Management and integrated capacity control
- Does not require any additional software
- GHM water management available


Cold for meat processing plant

Cold for meat processing plant

The Mexican food producer Qualtia Alimentos uses the refrigerant ammonia and an ECOSS evaporative condenser with a capacity of 1,500 kW in its meat processing plant’s primary circuit. The unit replaces a galvanized evaporative condenser. Chemical treatment of the cooling water is not required thanks to an osmosis system, and the EC fans and the GMM Güntner Motor Management save energy.


Rio Grande Food Park counts on ECOSS

Rio Grande Food Park counts on ECOSS

The waste heat generated by produce storage of the US food production chain at Rio Grande Food Park is dissipated via two ECOSS units. The ECOSS evaporative condensers of the plant are part of the primary refrigeration circuit using the refrigerant R-404A. Altogether, the units have a cooling capacity of approx. 1.87 MW.


ECOSS for Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma Heineken México

ECOSS for Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma Heineken México

In the context of an energy efficiency directive, the Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma Heineken México brewery opted for two ECOSS condensers for its central ammonia refrigerating circuit. Reconstruction works needed to be carried out at the building before the ECOSS units could be installed; the energy management upgrades of the plant resulted in total electrical energy savings of 1.5 MWh already during the first 5 months.


ECOSS 3000 in poultry slaughterhouse

ECOSS 3000 in poultry slaughterhouse

The refrigerating plant of the Brazilian broiler slaughterhouse Frango Bomgosto in Brazlandia uses ammonia as refrigerant. An ECOSS 3000 serves as condenser that, compared to refrigerating plants equipped with standard technology, annually saves 6,000 litres of water and the related costs for operation. These savings are possible thanks to the Güntner Motor Management, partial-load operation and EC fans. The eco-friendly design also minimizes water treatment requirements.


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