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Empty casing


Reduced costs

  • On request completely pre-assembled at factory: hygienic and leak-tight installation, pre-wired, pre-adjusted automatic controls
  • No machine room required
  • Less refrigerant charge due to compact design

Solid construction

  • Solid base frame with cross-sections, hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Solid sectional frame with cast aluminium edges
  • Coating sheet made of galvanized steel sheet, painted

Easy handling

  • Two construction heigths
  • Inspection covers removable from 3 sides with plastic recessed grips and rapid locks
  • Weather protection roof


  • Enough room for liquid receivers, compressors, control components, compound refrigeration units, oil separator systems

Accessories and options

  • Control panel
  • Frame insulation neopren
  • Internal sound insulation with 20 mm mineral wool
  • Sound insulation with double-walled casing, 20 mm mineral wool, perforated plate inside
  • Bottom plate 2.0 mm, galvanized steel
  • Sub-mounted receiver without piping
  • Inspection covers as hinged doors
  • Bottom plate single and double walled
  • Casing made of stainless steel or aluminium
  • Control panel integration / external mounting, with optional speed control

Mounting at factory possible

  • Liquid line to the refrigerant receiver
  • Wired control panel
  • Speed control for condenser and compressor
  • Provided components without piping



subcooling and system efficiency

subcooling and system efficiency



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