Güntner Gas Cooler Horizontal Indoor

10 - 400 kW


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ISO 9001


Güntner Gas Cooler Horizontal Indoor


No room for noise – invisible yet powerful

A familiar situation in inner-city locations: there is no space for outdoor installation, noise protection regulations are strict and the building regulations prevent a simple solution.

Güntner has always had suitable solutions for this type of scenario: condensers, fluid coolers and gas coolers for indoor installation. The high-pressure centrifugal fans are perfect for connecting to air duct systems.

A classic, made to measure
Your heat exchanger coil is protected by a robust, durable casing, which is always easy to transport – to make the bringing-in procedure even simpler, the units can be delivered as dismantled parts. There are large inspection covers to make inspection and maintenance easy. We can supply the right unit with the required airflow routing for any space.

Optimised key component
The extensive, modular heat exchanger concept with numerous material combinations and optimised pipe circuiting for every fluid is custom-designed down to the last details by your Güntner consultant to suit your application.

Unbelievable energy efficiency
High-quality EC fans paired with Güntner's energyefficient control concepts produce unbelievably energyefficient units. Your Plus: the fans are calculated and certified for the specific operating point.

Directly driven EC centrifugal fans

  • ‚‚More efficient
  • ‚‚ErP-ready
  • ‚‚Low-maintenance
  • ‚‚Easy to service
  • ‚‚Continuously adjustable speed
  • ‚‚Control concepts adapted specially for the unit
  • ‚‚MODBUS and RS485 integrated

The following applies to all fans:
Legal certainty on account of ErP conformity and long service life thanks to quality products

Wide capacity range

  • ‚‚Capacity range of 10 – 400 kW
  • ‚‚Large number of different types
  • ‚‚Can be supplied for all refrigerants
  • ‚‚Large selection of accessories

Reliable and leak-proof

  • ‚‚Tried-and-tested Güntner floating coil principle (the fluid-carrying tubes do not make contact with the casing, which increases the heat exchanger’s service life)
  • ‚‚High degree of torsional resistance for crane and forklift transport
  • ‚‚Robust design with U-frame

Easy to install

  • ‚‚Optional: can be dismantled for the bringing-in procedure
  • ‚‚Robust crane lugs to simplify transport by crane
  • ‚‚Factory-fitted assembly groups (e.g. switch cabinets)

Easy to maintain

  • ‚‚Large inspection openings as standard
  • ‚‚Easy access for cleaning
  • ‚‚Special fin geometry for effective cleaning


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