Air cooler

2 - 2000 kW



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  • Cold rooms
  • Condensating of gases
  • Cooling down of products
  • Free Cooling
  • Freeze-drying
  • Freezing of products
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Meat, Fish, Poultry


Air cooler



  • On request, according to feasibility

Various material combinations

  • We provide various material combinations and a wide range of available tube and connection systems, so that you can find the solution that perfectly fits your demands.

Special constructions

  • Our technical experts are glad to support you in designing the heat exchanger that precisely suits your requirements.
  • With the high flexibility at the Güntner production sites, even very challenging designs can be manufactured. 

High operational reliability and enhanced leakage protection

  • Due to the proven  floating coil principle the fin coil can expand without straining the fluid-carrying tubes. This prevents loss of fluid as a result of leakage and enhances the service life of the unit.

Customized operating pressure

  • Our standard pressure levels for heat exchangers are 16 and 30 / 40 bar (depending on the application). On request, special designs with pressure levels up to 120 bar are available.

Different connection types

  • Brazed connection
  • Welding connection (standard flange acc. to DIN)
  • Threaded nipple


Precise cooling: Fish production in Vietnam

Precise cooling: Fish production in Vietnam

The new fish factory of Hung Vuong Ben Tre produces frozen food in line with HACCP directives for the European and Russian market every day. About 1,500 employees process approx. 250 tonnes of seafood per day on a total area of 30,000 m². Güntner evaporators, air coolers and coils reliably provide normal-temperature and low-temperature storage rooms and freezers with cold. A thermowave plate heat exchanger is used here to connect the primary with the secondary circuit.


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  • Droplet separator
  • Drip tray
  • Defrost (electrical, hot gas)
  • with or without cover and bottom plates (smooth or beaded with drain hole)
  • Varnishing DD lacquer, cathodic dip coating
  • Vent/drain support
  • Variable fin spacings in coil

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