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Air flow rectifier


Güntner Streamer – for targeted air flow in your cold room

You might rely on the indicated fan air throws of the units when it comes to designing cold rooms and selecting the required air coolers. However, the impact of the cooler arrangement, the room geometry, the air cooling and the installed equipment in the room cannot be considered for those specifications as the specific data of the rooms are not known. In addition, the steadily increasing efficiency of air coolers allows for using ever smaller units, and the size of the fans decreases accordingly. In order to still achieve the required air throws, air flow technology comes into play. In this regard, Güntner set new standards with the introduction of the Güntner Streamer. The Güntner Product Configurator (GPC) allows for recalculating the impact of the Streamer on the air throw for every model.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Economical room cooling
    - Use of the air flow to achieve superior air throws with no additional energy
    - Effective air distribution throughout the cold room
  • Thermal short-circuiting and heat pockets are avoided
  • Available for the GACC and GHF with a minimum fan size of 031, for all standard fan diameters and motor Technologies

Economical room cooling

Thanks to the effective air distribution inside the cold room and the other benefits, the Güntner Streamer ensures not only the consistent quality of your refrigerated goods but also contributes substantially to the cost-effective operation of the plant. The Streamer provides a sensibly higher discharge velocity without additional pressure drop and thereby significantly improves the efficiency. As the turbulent air flow is smoothed after the fan, it is possible to use air distribution hoses and defrost equipment such as the defrost sock.

Effectiveness of the Güntner Streamer

The Güntner Streamer increases the air throw with no additional energy by using the air flow:
The disruptive radial flow is diverted in axial acceleration. This significantly increases the air discharge velocity; the targeted air volume flow increases, and the air jet can penetrate deeper into the room. Depending on the prevailing conditions, the air throw of the air cooler can almost be doubled.

And, depending on the positioning of the cooler, e.g. directly under the ceiling, the air throw can be increased even further: Provided that there is no interfering equipment installed in the room, the Coanda surface effect can increase the air throw by up to 40 %.

Importance of the air throw

Only if the air throw is adjusted to the respective room conditions, the air distribution throughout the cold room is effective and the refrigerated goods are cooled sufficiently and, above all, in a uniform way. This also avoids thermal short-circuiting and heat pockets. The air throw depends on diverse factors such as the impact of the cooler arrangement, the room geometry, the air cooling and the installed equipment in the room.



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