Plate Heat Exchangers

thermoline Plate Technology Generically known as 'PHEs'; thermowave brand Plate Heat Exchangers from Guntner UK are available in both 'Semi-Welded' and standard 'Gasketed' formats. Typical duty applications include Liquid to Liquid (Heating/Cooling), Vapour Condensing (Steam, Refrigerants, and High Pressure CO2), Refrigerant Evaporators (Flooded Ammonia and DX systems), close temperature heat recovery of low grade waste heat, and renewable energy such as Heat Pumps and Geothermal systems.

The ongoing success of thermoline® PHE plate technology from Thermowave lies in the plate corrugation designs, which are optimised to suit a broad range of industrial applications. Plates with different pressing patterns can be combined together such that high heat transfer coefficients are achieved within the constraints of the allowable pressure loss in the system.

The main benefit of Thermowave Plate Heat Exchangers over other forms of heat exchanger such as Shell & Tube designs is the ability to work with a very close temperature approach down to 1℃ when operated in 'Counter-Current' flow. This feature offers significant benefits for close temperature control of food products and high efficiency for energy saving in Free Cooling and Waste Heat Recovery applications.

More recently, specialist high pressure frames have been introduced to meet the exacting demands of the latest CO2 refrigeration systems to facilitate duties such as a cascade interface between Ammonia primary and CO2 secondary circuits.

thermolineVario - Heavy Duty Industrial Range

The thermolineVario range is a quality engineered heavy duty product for all market sectors from HVAC to Chemical Processing and Oil & Gas applications. Guntner UK offers the range with a wide selection of design and material options including special connections, extensive documentation and testing (PED/ASME), graded paint finishes and quality accessories such a Thermal Insulation Drip Trays and matching flanges etc.

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thermolineEco - HVAC & OEM Range

The thermolineEco Gasketed range utilises the same high quality TL heat transfer plates and gaskets mounted in a set of value engineered frame designs primarily for the HVAC and OEM markets. Guntner UK offers the range with limited design options and materials to give a standardised supply and competitive price/performance ratio. EL models are available via our fast track delivery system.

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thermolinePure - Hygienic Range

The thermolinePure range has been developed to meet the stringent usage and environmental conditions applicable in the food industry which place greater demands on the design and materials selected for a PHE. Typical features include frame cover plates clad in stainless steel, stainless steel tightening bolts and nuts, DIN 11851 connections (special connections available on request), and height adjustable sanitary feet as standard. A first-class finish with glass bead blasted surface really sets this thermolinePure plate heat exchanger apart.

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thermolinePlus High Pressure Range

The thermolinePlus range has been specifically developed to offer outstanding efficiency in high pressure applications with natural refrigerants, such as CO2 and NH3. These specialist plate products consist of laser welded modules and can be used for any industrial cooling processes requiring low evaporating temperatures. Special gaskets, developed for this very application, are not only resistant against the media flowing in the heat exchanger, but also ensure the tightness of the plate heat exchanger and plant safety.

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