Free Cooling Coolers

Guntner free cooling units give the opportunity to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by substituting chillers systems or similar in low ambient conditions.

A number of clients now utilise the product, where depending on the design parameters, can see the primary cooling plant switched off for up to four months. Equally when heat rejection can not be done exclusively by the cooler, and the primary cooling plant is switched on, the cooler can still contribute to reducing the compressor run hours by providing partial cooling with the chiller 'trimming' the temperature to the desired leaving water temperature.

For example if we consider a close control system serving a switch-data centre

  • 90kW total cooling with power input of 30kW
  • Maintain room temperature of 24°C +/-2°C
  • Resulting that in a 15°C ambient or above 120kW is rejected to dry cooler
  • Design conditions are 35°C external temperature & 48°C glycol mix cooled to 40°C

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