Dry Coolers

As with the condensers, our dry air coolers are finned heat exchangers. Used to reject heat from air conditioning plant chillers, water cooled variable refrigerant flow units, combined heat power installation, engines, Versatemp air conditioning equipment and a variety of other applications, they cool the water/glycol mix in a closed circuit by passing ambient air over the finned surfaces. Dry Air Coolers are mainly used in lieu of wet systems i.e. as a replacement to cooling towers.

With power consumption now a primary considering more dry coolers are being used for free cooling, to provide all or partial cooling in lieu of refrigeration plant in low ambient conditions.

Dry Air Coolers come in various shapes and sizes ranging from the small 1m length coolers to a truck size 13m. They are preferred by most consultants and end users due to their low profile, low noise and ease of installation.

In addition they have no legionnaires risk as they are dry systems. All dry air coolers are suitable for outdoor applications, however, special centrifugal dry air coolers are designed for use indoors and in plant rooms.

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