These remote air cooled condensers are used to reject heat from compressors or Chillers in applications where space is restricted and package equipment cannot be used. Our refrigerant condensers act to complete the Chiller package to be more adaptable to the restrictions on site.

Units come in a variety of sizes and styles with their main objective being for low noise and space restricting applications. Typically, axial fans are installed for external applications while our centrifugal fan condensers are used for internal applications with allowances for between 100 Pa and 250 Pa of external static pressure to compensate for losses in duct work, silencers, or any other 3rd party accessories.

In addition to the conventional finned and tube heat exchanger, Guntner has recently introduced the GVX condenser with microox® technology. With combines several important benefits in one unit: The condenser GVX is made completely of aluminium. Consequently the unit is optimally protected against galvanic corrosion. Due to the material aluminium and the smaller heat exchanger the condenser is very light-weight. The refrigerant charge of the new heat exchanger technology is considerably reduced. This means that less leak tests are necessary. Thus operating and maintenance costs can be saved. Compared to the setting-up area of conventional units, the power density of the GVX with microox® technology is up to 15% higher.

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