These remote air cooled condensers are used to reject heat from compressors or Chillers in applications where space is restricted and package equipment cannot be used.>>

Guntner acknowledges that cooling fresh food represents one of the greatest challenges for producers. If not stored correctly it will deteriorate quickly reducing quality and saleable weight.>>

As with the condensers, our dry air coolers are finned heat exchangers.>>

We also supply a range of radiators for both fixed and mobile power plants, generators, combined heat power and tri-generation systems.>>

Guntner free cooling units give the opportunity to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by substituting chillers systems or similar in low ambient conditions.>>

thermowave Plate Heat Exchangers consist of corrugated plates (the working part), which are clamped together between a fixed and a movable frame cover plate to retain the fluid media (the pressure vessel part).>>