Slimline ceiling air cooler with finoox® technology
2 - 17 kW Brine

Key Product Features

Mounting - inspection - maintenance

  • Easily accessible due to easy-to-open side covering
  • Condensation-free drip tray
  • Mounting parts cannot be lost when folding down the drip tray and the heating sheet
  • The tray does not have to be removed for cleaning

High efficiency fans with EC motor as standard

  • Two fan speeds as standard
  • Available for 230 V 1 ~ 50 - 60 Hz with identical operating point
  • Up to 60 % less current consumption
  • Plug-in connection for easy and quick fan exchange

Quickly available

  • Most GDF types are available from stock and are marked as such in the Guntner Product Calculator GPC

Product Options

  • El. heating of coil, drip tray, fan
  • Corrosion-resistant fins on request